• Unprecedented results in a research study of The Autism Code Technology

    22 parents (11 couples) of children diagnosed
    on the severe end of the autism spectrum
    took part in our research study implementing
    The Autism Code Technology.

    Within a short time, all 11 children whose
    parents participated in our study have broken
    through the wall of autism, with dramatic
    results touching every area of their lives.

    Today, the majority of the children are
    already integrated into regular education.

    The Autism Code is a revolutionary
    technology developed by Ronit
    Galapo, which brings a major
    breakthrough to the blocked reality
    of autism, offering new hope for
    a different future to many children
    and families around the world.
  • The Power of The Autism Code Technology

    • The Autism Code is a pioneering consciousness technology,
      which triggers a dormant potential for physiological and
      behavioral change
      in children on the autism spectrum.
    • The Autism Code Technology is implemented solely with
      the parents
      , creating remarkable changes in the children
    • The technology is implemented through an innovative interface
      which includes weekly guidance sessions and daily work by the
      parents via a web-based interactive computer application.
  • Profound transformation in a short time

    6 weeks from the start of implementation, unequivocal
    were evident in all areas of the children's lives,
    which grew and improved daily throughout our study:

    • Strong desire for togetherness
    • Emotional expression
    • Spontaneous speech
    • Curiosity and desire to learn
    • Sensitivity to others and far more

    In addition, significant improvements occurred in
    the children's autism-associated medical conditions.

  • Towards full integration into life

    To many parents of children on the autism spectrum, the results
    achieved in our first research study represent a transformation
    they dare not dream of.

    However, we took these results even further and conducted
    a second research study implementing The Autism Code
    Technology - Phase 2

    7 of the 8 children whose parents participated in the
    2nd study are already integrated into regular education,

    where they show remarkable desire and ability to learn and to
    communicate. They express a deep sensitivity to others, and form
    friendships for the first time in their lives.

  • The answer for autism is within our reach

    The results of The Autism Code Technology
    have no precedent in the field of autism.

    This revolutionary technology could be the answer
    many parents and children around the world are
    waiting for.

    It is our vision that The Autism Code Technology
    will soon become available to families worldwide.

    We invite people who would like to take part in this
    important mission, to join us in creating the needed
    collaborations to make this vision a reality

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